The Blueprint Inside

I had the opportunity to attend a college class one of my friends was teaching the other week.  It was a lot of fun and we had a great time together.  As I was walking around outside before class, I found myself stepping on all these acorns. They were all over the place.  Almost all of them were broken, but in the midst of the chaos I found one that was whole.  As I picked it up to look at this little nut in my hand, I couldn’t help but to think back on something I heard years ago.


Inside every little nut is the design of a mighty oak tree. The blueprints for one of the mightiest trees laid in this, over looked, ordinary acorn. Most of us would just toss it aside, thinking it’s worthless.  But it’s much more than that. Underneath the tough shell is a seed, when planted and cultivated, it will grow into a mighty oak tree. Did you know that there are 450 species of oak trees worldwide?  All a little different in the beginning, but still come from the seed placed inside this acorn.


Sometimes in our life we feel that we are worthless, broken and have no purpose.  However inside of us is a seed placed by our Creator just waiting to be planted and cultivated. When we plant ourself back into God, then He can grow our lives into masterpieces which He designed years ago.  Your life has a grand meaning and purpose.  It has a design which our God has mapped out and He is longing for you to reach that design. Even though we might look a little different, there is a purpose for your life, and God is waiting for you to surrender, so He can make you into a mighty oak.


Pastor Tony Parsons