Our DNA has 7 things that makes us up as Christ Followes: Love Abundantly, Give Sacrificially, Grow Deeply, Go Intentionally, Serve Selflessly, Unite Radically  and Make Disciples. We strongly believe that focusing on these 7 action items is what God calls us to do. We trust in the Lord and follow His will to show us how to accomplish these. 


God calls us to Love.  It was a commandment that Jesus gave us in John 13. When asked which was the greatest commandment, Jesus said in Matthew 26 “to love God with everything you have and love your neighbor as you love yourself”.  Paul says in Corinthians that three things remain: faith, hope and love. However the greatest of all of these is love. The world will take notice when we love abundantly.


Giving is so much more than a couple of dollars you put in the basket or boxes during offering.  Giving is a part of who we are as Christ Followers.  Giving comes in three areas: Time, Talents and Treasures. The early church in Acts 2, not only pulled their resources so that people were taken care of, they also spent a lot of time together… a lot. Then in later chapters you see them deciding who was going to do what to help the church.  The point is that the church is most effective when it’s members give sacrificially.


We all understand the importance of investing and growing in the relationships around us. There are three factors that should play into how we grow in our relationships with God.  First is your one on one relationship with God.  This is the most important and one that will continue to grow as you are on this earth.  Second is the relationship with a mentor or coach.  This is someone who will walk with you in life and call you out when you’re slipping in your relationship with God.  The last is a community of believers who are united around the same mission, goals and values.  These people are here to do life together and be there for each other.


Go doesn’t mean that you are moving to a grass hut in Africa.  It does mean that we are to help people see Jesus where we Live, Work and Play.  Who are the people in your neighborhood that need Jesus? It starts in your own house and moves out from there.  What about where you work?  Who needs someone to show them what Jesus looks like there?  The last place is where you play, meaning things like your gym, or where you eat out all the time.  Maybe it’s the person who always makes your coffee. The point is that everyday we get the chance to go intentionally where we Live, Work and Play to share Jesus with the people we interact with.


If most of us are being honest, we like to be waited on and served.  In our culture being waited on and looking out for ourselves seems to take precedence over everything else.  That not how it is suppose to be.  When we serve others it breaks down barriers and creates ways for us to be involved in other’s lives.  It helps the church grow and brings unity to the body of Christ. It sets us apart and it helps us to love people more.  It’s something that we need to do, and if Jesus served, we should also be serving.


Our world is more divided now than it has been in a long long time. Which means that as a church we must unite in such a way that the world takes notice.  Jesus gave his disciples a command to love each other.  That the world would take notice if they would just love each other.  As Christ followers we want the world to know us more for our love for God and people rather than where we stand on politics or a topic.  When the church unites something special happens, God moves and people notice.


Jesus instructed us “to go and make disciples”. To understand how to make a disciple, you first have to understand what a Biblical disciple is. A Biblical disciple is someone who has chosen to put their trust in Jesus. A Biblical disciple is someone who is being transformed by Jesus.  A Biblical disciple is someone who is striving to put Jesus first in their life. A Biblical disciple is committed to the mission Jesus gave us. A Biblical disciples is someone who is out making disciples. When you figure this out for yourself, you can start to teach this to others.

Our mission statement: Helping people FIND, FOLLOW and be TRANSFORMED by Jesus, we understand that this is not just something our church should be doing but everyone who calls themselves a Christ-follower should be pointing people back to Jesus.  We do this by loving abundantly, giving sacrificially, growing deeply, going intentionally, serving selflessly, uniting radically and by being intentionally when it comes to making disciples. When people are introduced to Jesus, our hope is that they would choose to follow Him.  This is something that can’t be forced, but is freely chosen by a person.  After a person chooses Jesus, we want to help them by showing and teaching what it means to live a transformed life in Jesus.  The old is gone and the new is here. By using our mission statement and living our DNA, our hope is that people meet and are changed by Jesus, who is the only way back to God.


Pastor Tony Parsons

Lead Pastor

Pastor Susan Swanson

Connections Pastor

Sandi Oneto

Director of Children's

Theresa Mandel

Pastor of Intercession