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Our main campus is located at:

3805 Mill Road, Willow Grove PA 19090


Feel free to swing in and chat with us at anytime. We love to have visitors. 

About Us

As a staff, our desire is that CrossWay be a place where both guests and regular attenders can belong. We strive to foster a comfortable environment in which to worship and where you can grow closer to God. 

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We love hearing from you. Feel free to email us whenever you have a question or comment about anything that is going on around here. You can email about anything.


We are a church who wants to help people in life's journey.

When you walk through our doors we hope you feel welcome. We are a group of individuals who are striving to understand God more and allow Him to change our lives.  It is our hope you can experience everything our church offers. We would love to engage in conversations with you. We want you to take advantage of our cafe and guest services. It is a mission of ours to give you the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ in the most comfortable way possible. We can't wait to meet you. 

Frequently asked questions

What should I wear?

At CrossWay, we want you to feel at home. While we do expect you to come clothed, it really doesn't matter what you wear! If you want to dress up for a church service, feel free to dress up. If you want to wear jeans, you are welcome to wear jeans. If you want to attend in your sweat pants, feel free! And if the Eagles happen to be playing that particular Sunday, you will not be alone in your Eagles gear!

What should I expect?

We expect you to be welcomed and made to feel at home. If you have children with you, they are welcome to join you in the service or check them in for a service that is geared specifically for their age group (ages 0-5th grade). Above all else, we hope you walk away from CrossWay feeling valued and loved.

What is a service like?

We will begin the service with a song as a way to signal to those still in the lobby that service is starting. There will be some announcements regarding upcoming events and we hope you will take mental note of some fun things you may be interested in attending. Following, we move into a more concentrated time of worshiping our God through singing and prayer before moving into the sermon. 

Will I be asked to do anything if I visit?

There is no need to stand up during the service and be ostracized as an outsider, but we do have a general meet and greet welcome time at the beginning of the service. Someone will likely turn to you to introduce themselves and say good morning, but no one will announce your attendance for all eyes to be directed on you at any given point. We would love for you to stop by guest services in the lobby and fill out a connection card and receive a gift from us. All we do with that information is send you a email thanking you for coming to the service. We won't call and bug you a thousand times, but we would like to simply thank you for coming.

What about my children?

At CrossWay, we hope your children feel just as important and valued as you do when you are visiting. If your children feel more at home right next to you in the service, they are welcome to stay in the worship service with you. Or, if they want to experience our children's ministry geared specifically for them, feel free to visit our Child Check-In desk. At Child Check-In, they will receive a special numbered adhesive sticker with their name and be guided to their appropriate group. After worship service, you will present your numbered sticker to the teacher who will identify and match your child's sticker with your sticker and release the child back to you. 

Are there any rules I need to know if I have never been to church before?

While we do expect people to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of being in public, beyond that, there are no rules!



First Wesleyan Methodist Church was established


First pastors were appointed


New building was constructed


First name change and building expansion


Rebranding and a fresh start


Pastor Tony and family started