Missing Pieces

One of the things I, Pastor Tony, love to do is jigsaw puzzles.  Every once in awhile my family puts one out on the dinning room table and we put it together.  For the other times when we can’t use the whole dinning room table, I have an app on my iPad so I can do them before I go to sleep.  It can be frustrating and sometimes you can be looking a long time for just the right piece.  Sometimes you are so sure this certain piece fits only to find out that it doesn’t.  However when it’s complete, there is something rewarding looking at a mini masterpiece.

When I think of God’s church, it’s like a box filled with a whole lot of puzzle pieces.  When all the pieces are left in the box, you will never see the bigger picture. It takes time to figure out and put all the pieces together.  It takes patience to not force something where it wasn’t designed to go.  But there is a design and a purpose for each of the pieces.  In Ephesians 2:10 it says, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time for us to do.” Some translations says your are God’s masterpiece.

God has created each of us with a masterpiece mission.  Something which He as prepared long ago for you to do.  This is different from the calling to go and make disciples that Jesus gives us in Matthew 28:19. Making disciples is the main purpose we are still on this earth.  Along with that primary mission you have be given a secondary mission, a puzzle piece that fits into how the church is designed.  What does your piece look like?  Where do you fit in?  How do you portray the overall picture God is putting together?

One of the things I, Pastor Joel, love to do with the children in CrossWay Kids is put together puzzles during free-time. It’s fun to see their excitement when they are finally completed with the puzzle and the sense of accomplishment they feel afterwards. While putting it together, it’s interesting to watch their minds work and try to make an image appear out of uniquely shaped pieces. They are all shaped different, but fit perfectly to form what the creator intended for them to make.

Just like puzzle pieces are different shapes, they have different tabs and locks that fit together, we are all given unique gifts that are designed to work together for the masterpiece mission of God’s Church.  Our gifts and abilities are pieces of the puzzle that God uniquely crafted together to work towards the mission of His people—to go and make disciples.  Our personal masterpiece missions work towards God ultimate mission.

When all of the pieces are removed from the box and put together, we see a picture of God’s masterpiece here on Earth.

Tony Parsons & Joel Kotrch