Welcome to our media page! It is our goal to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible when selecting a ministry to be a part of. We want you to fully understand our church and our pastor's teaching.  As you can see below, we have a wide selection of different sermons that are straight from the word of God. 


Through the month of April we will be looking at 4 different peoples encounters with Jesus around the the time of His death.  Each of those encounters can teach us something in our lives.  When you are encounter Jesus, what will you experience be?

Judas - 4/7/19

Pastor Tony Parsons

Caiaphas - 4/14/19

Pastor Joel Kotrch

Pilate - 4/21/19

Pastor Tony Parsons

Coming Soon...

Mary- 4/28/19

Pastor Tony Parsons

Coming Soon...



In this series we looked at how God can help us get unstuck.


In this series we look at who Jesus is.

Doomsday Preppers

In this series we look at the end times.

Christian Atheist

In this series we see if what we believe matches how we live.

This I Declare

In this series we look declarations we have to make.


In this series we looked at the 7 churches of Revelation.

Letters from Prison

In this series we look at Paul's letters to Phillipi.

Journey to the Manger

In this series we look at the people who lead us to the Manger.

Geared to Go

In this series we look at four words that we are about.

Upcoming Series

We can be a person of influnce or a person who is influnced.  Join us in May and June as we become people of influence.


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